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Professional Home Inspection

We inspect your future home and prevent it from becoming a nightmare

Detailed plan
Radon gas tests
Laboratory lead test

A registered architect will carry out all inspections

At Hausum, professionalism is a key point, which is why we only select registered architects and technical architects with extensive experience carrying out renovation, comprehensive renovation or new construction projects. Avoid surprises and save on costly undetected repairs.

Detect hidden defects before buying a property

Hidden vice they are defects or problems not visible to the naked eye that exist in a property, whether it is a home, a commercial premises or another type of property. These defects are not evident during a cursory inspection and may negatively affect the habitability, safety, or value of the property. Estos vicios no siempre pueden ser evidentes, encontrándose ocultos detrás de un techo falso o pared y pueden afectar tanto la habitabilidad, la seguridad cómo el valor de la propiedad.

The most complete report for your tranquillity

With our report of more than 200 check points we inspect the general condition of the property so that your purchase can be made with complete peace of mind. Additionally, our architects will advise you during the visit to resolve any questions.

Property to inspect







The most complete inspection: +200 points

  • Vertical and horizontal structure
  • Covers and Terraces
  • Services and Installations of Water, Electricity, Gas, etc.
  • Leaks and humidity
  • Hidden vice
  • Rooms: Carpentry, doors, coverings, ceilings, floors, lighting, furniture, electrical mechanisms, etc.

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Our customers ask us

Why would I hire an inspection?

The average age of the used housing stock in Spain is 43.5 years*. 60% of Spanish homes were built without any regulations regarding energy efficiency**.
Not only to detect hidden defects and save on unpleasant surprises, an inspection with our team will provide you with objective information to make an informed decision.

* According to a report prepared by the National Federation of Real Estate Associations.
**According to the Professional College of Property Administrators of Madrid.

What is a Property Inspection Report?

A property inspection report or Technical Property Inspection (ITI) is a technical study carried out by a registered architect where possible pathologies that a property has are reviewed with the aim of detecting them before they cause serious problems or before they are acquired. said property.

What does the inspection include?

The inspection includes the presence and mobilization of an architect or registered technical architect highly experienced in the execution of renovations, comprehensive renovations and construction of new works. This process involves not only physically inspecting the site, but also preparing a detailed report, asking direct questions during the visit, and following up on any questions after the report is delivered.

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